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Want to upgrade your driveshaft and be vibration free? Then the P4D/JXB Driveshaft Kit is our solution.


Over the last 8+ years of production, the OEM driveshaft for the Hellcat platform has gone through many revisions to strengthen the driveshaft and CVs to support 809/840 HP for the Demon, Redeye and Super Stock models but with lingering issues with the carrier bushing still occurring.


The P4D/JXB driveshaft combines the strength of a new, Mopar OEM driveshaft (for the 800-plus HP models) with a new, serviceable JXB carrier bushing kit! This is a 100% bolt on solution!


The kit is an extremely cost-effective way to upgrade the driveshaft/carrier bushing for older cars with an older driveshaft version. Saves time and money during installation. New output shaft and input shaft bolts are included.



1) Each new Mopar OEM driveshaft we receive is inspected and approved for processing.

2) The carrier bushing is cut off and trimmed.

3) The driveshaft is then cleaned and packaged with a new JXB bushing kit including both Street and Track options.


While we intend to have this item in stock, please plan for a 1-2 week lead-time when ordering.


NOTE: The OEM driveshaft is mass produced and will have imperfections in the painted surfaces. Please know that this is a normal occurrence with the driveshaft component.

P4D/JXB Driveshaft Kit for V8 2015-23 Chargers/Challengers/300

$1,649.00 Regular Price
$1,499.00Sale Price
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    Protect Against Diff Damage

    With more than 800HP on tap, launching a Dodge SRT Hellcat or Demon places incredible strain on your drivetrain. We developed the Per4mance diff brace to strengthen the differential case and avoid catestrophic damage, while also increasing rear-end bite and positively impacting wheel hop that can cost you those precious tenths.

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