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This upgrade is highly recommended for all vehicles and is a perfect compliment to your Per4mance Development differential brace. Fixes the torn rubber on your factory carrier without having to replace the driveshaft or bearing. Installs in an hour.


Holds the driveshaft where it should be. Isolation dampers minimize vibrations. The street option is as smooth as initial OEM performance.


Fits all 2006 - 2023 Charger/Challenger/300 Variations

  • RWD and AWD

  • V6 and V8

  • All Trims


Fits WD Durango (2011+) and WK2 Grand Cherokee (2011+). All variations including 2WD and 4WD models.


Bushing Options:

- Street (soft/quieter)

- Both Street (soft/quieter) & Track (hard/noisier)


The Problem: The stock center support bearing carrier holds the driveshaft in place with rubber so thin about 20 lbs of force moves it from center to the end of its travel. While that’s great for making sure no NVH makes it to the cabin, it doesn’t keep the bearing centered well under load, allows the bearing to sag over time and ruin the driveshaft alignment, and creates slop in the driveline during shifts and throttle application. Over time the OEM bushing sags and becomes brittle, eventually dry rotting and cracking. Even on the best-kept cars, the stock bushing can start to from cracks in as little as 5-10 years. When the bushing lets go, it can lead to excessive vibration and clunking, and put more stress on the bearing. To make matters worse, the stock carrier is molded onto the center support bearing, so it’s not easy to replace without special tools.

JXB Performance Driveshaft Center Support Bearing Upgrade

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    Protect Against Diff Damage

    With more than 800HP on tap, launching a Dodge SRT Hellcat or Demon places incredible strain on your drivetrain. We developed the Per4mance diff brace to strengthen the differential case and avoid catestrophic damage, while also increasing rear-end bite and positively impacting wheel hop that can cost you those precious tenths.

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