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DIRS-R Development Update

Updated: Apr 8

When the Demon 170 was released, a new line of Direct Connection parts accompanied it, one being the new, reinforced differential in the car and available for sale as an upgraded replacement part. One of the first things that is noticeable on this new differential is additional support material (one being where the Direct Connection logo is prominently displayed between the two main case bolts) in the exact location our standard billet differential brace would be mounted.

Upon closer inspection, we observed that our patented DIRS would not fit without modifications for this new differential. To make one work, additional machining would need to occur. We also thought this would be an opportune time to make a revised version of the DIRS that would be as light as possible while retaining all strength requirements.

We began the development process by sending a modified DIRS kit in raw aluminum to our good friend and customer Marc Heidings; one that did not require removing any of the differential bolts to place on the car. Marc then repeatedly looked at clearance requirements and then removed material until all the appropriate clearances were accomplished.

The next step was for product engineering to assess the DIRS Marc modified to update prints, design for the removal of other material to lower the weight, and then to “test” it in a virtual setting to make sure that strength requirements were all met. Next, a polymer 3D print was made and then sent to Marc for final fitment validation. With just one 1mm adjustment in a new recess needed for the Demon 170 differential, fitment was verified!

The outcome is the new DIRS-R. This updated version of the DIRS will work on all 2015-23 V8 Dodge Challengers and Chargers & Chrysler 300 vehicles using the OEM differential or the new Direct Connection differential. Additionally, the DIRS-R will be over 20% lighter than the current DIRS.

We are going into production soon for the first run of the DIRS-R and plan to have braces available by May 15th with preordering opening April 10th.

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